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Tailor-made Contract Photography │ Professional Realization │ High-quality Photo Work and Artwork │ Certified Quotation Drouot for Photo Art in Limited Editions

Tailor-made Photographic Solutions

I will go over the details of your photographic wishes and discuss with you any questions or concerns you may have. By understanding what you really need I can help you achieving it by reaching out to your customers visually in the most positive way, creating professional pictures in color or black & white for you.

My photographic key areas are:

Architectural Photography
(including Real EstateHospitality)
For Architects, Construction Industry, Gastronomy, Hotels, Real Estate Sector, Tourism,…

Interior and Design

For Designers, Furniture Manufactures, Galleries, Craftsmen, Interior Designers…

Object, Product & Stilllife Photography

Reproduction Photography and Documentations: Artworks, Monuments, Cultural Heritage

For Galleries, Institutions, Artists, Museums, Insurance Companies …

Landscape Photography and Urban Life

Portrait Photography

Professional Realization

The ability to create high-quality photographs implements creative ideas, professional skills, high aesthetic standards and a particular capability to capture the essence of a special moment, motif or personality, so that the viewer is touched. My mission is to present your company and your products in convincing views and work out amazing perspectives, so that your business or services appear in the best light. I use professional mobile equipment and can offer you my knowledge and experience in photography.

► During my studies of Fine Arts (LMU, Munich)  I was trained intensively in the fields of composition, perspective, anatomy, design, colors and light.

► At the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) I consolidated the technical and scientific backgrounds of photography and focused on its practical transformation possibilities. I graduated as “Professional Photographer” with distinction and obtained several Merit Awards.

► Since 2015: Official quotation for the international art market and inclusion in the exclusive circle of DROUOT Cotation (Paris).

Limited Edition Art Photography

A selection of my photographic works are available as hand signed and as original photographies
in gallery quality with certificate of  authenticity and in strictly Limited Editions.

► My exclusive Fine Art photographs are produced as original photo print (Lambda C-Print). Other finishes can be realized on request.
I would be happy to help you finding the right choice for you or your company. A noble finish, such as the aluminum Dibond lamination and sealing behind Acrylic Glass, protects your image and provides an impressive depth and a brilliant strength of expression.

► My photographs are officially valued via the Cotation DROUOT (Paris). The value analysis serves e.g. Insurance companies and auction houses as a basis for assessment.

ART for YOU or your BUSINESS: You can buy my artwork or alternatively rent it. Art inspires, excites and creates an atmosphere, whether in large or small spaces. Enrich your business: your office, company, hotel, restaurant, agencymedical or legal practice...
Please contact me for further details.

``To photograph is like painting with my soul.``

© brigitte schindler fine art photography

Photographical views

„Timeless and poetic insights and outlooks. While inhaling the inspirational essence of the unique moment… searching to transcend its limits… to capture emotions, metamorphoses of colors and shades, shapes and structures, manifold realms in the focus between light and shadow – resting grounds – visions – of the immensity of life…”

Architectural Photographer, Interior and Design

Personality - Aesthetics - Harmony

Photography of architecture and interior design is dealing with and is developing character studies from different perspectives. It is elaborating the interrelationship between human, object, space and time. I understand my role as a photographer to emphasize the harmonious composition of lines, light, perspectives and reflections, to reveal the true beauty of the architectural motif, to convey the essence of the design professionally. With technical versatility, expressive forms and finesse, I wish to ensure that the translation process from the three-dimensionality into two-dimensional images does not lose any spatiality, that a dialogue will be created by concentration and conscious optics. The focus here is not only the object, but equally the customer and his wishes of implementation, which I accompany in an advisory way.

Real Estate, Hospitality and Tourism

Creating interest - arousing desire - feeling good: selling more with all senses

My photos do not only try to lift your product into the best light, but also help you to achieve your advertising goals in the long term through the arrangement of moods and the implementation of emotions. Show the qualities and the uniqueness of what you have to offer on your website, in web portals, in your portfolio, in print media … through effective and authentic pictures, which I create with high-quality equipment. Seduce the visitor and your client with a glance onto the exceptional. Present invitations to feel comfortable and thus stand out from the broad mass of the ordinary. Leave a lasting impression.

Two-wheeler, Automobile & Aviation: Mobile Classics

Cult Objects & Nostalgic Classics - Precision & Fascination - Living your Dreams

The classics of aviation or on the street are technical rarities full of nostalgia. I try to visualize and capture the charms of past epochs with special visual attitudes, particular light situations, attention to important details and with the focus on harmonious forms and impressive views – in their individual beauty and with the emotional traces of their history. Working out treasures and creating visual  narratives. Capturing moments that invite for a time trip …

Object, Product & Stilllife Photography

Visual concepts around the object: from objective to artistic - optical discoveries in between information and atmosphere

Whether it’s about the design of professional brochures, websites or advertisements: to attract the viewer’s attention, the final product needs to be presented with appealing results which can convince with informative and atmospheric images. Individual and tailor-made photos present your product and your message uniquely and stand out from any image material of stock agencies.

Photography of Artwork, Reproduction Photography, Documentations

Art in front of the Camera: Paintings, Graphics, Icons, Sculptures, Objects, Installations, Cultural Heritage

It is a challenge and exciting task to photograph art. In addition to the goal of a high-quality reproduction with reliable white balance, calibrated recording devices, high-resolution sensors, precise optics, professional illumination, also the intention of the artist needs to be expressed optimally. Areas of application are, for example, the use on websites, in picture books, publications, art books, auction and exhibition catalogs.

Limited Editions, Auctions, Exhibitions