To photograph is…

... like painting with my soul

My artistic means of expression is photography, although my painter’s heart is always involved.

We photographers are constantly in search of special moments, exciting angles of view, seemingly insignificant motifs whose inspiration arises from their inherent beauty, verity and transience.

It requires precise and sensitive observation, particular patience and endurance during the long waiting time for the right light, for a special atmosphere. It demands a sufficient imagination to preview the desired components. Not to forget the craftsmanship and photographic skills to ban it onto the sensor. In the last step I am using the digital post processing technology for selective cut-outs and careful image processing to establish a floating transition to painting.

My focus lies on the magic of the brief instant, which, being captured in a photography, is timeless and is able to depict new worlds. A celebration of atmospheric moments, a Capriccio of light and colors. Impressions of contrast, sharpness and intentional blur, proximity and distance, expanse and depth.  An invitation to allow yourself to fall, to find new balance, to fulfill your own desires, just let your mind wander.

My photographs are intended to be a narrative in which every image detail gets its own presence, in which the main actor arises as an individual character. The viewer’s eyes are led through the image, they may linger, enter into a dialogue or obtain the necessary free space for interpretation. My photographic goal is an emotional and aesthetic re-evaluation of what is perceived, the enabling of new “visual rooms”.

The viewer as a contemporary witness and nevertheless in his own world.