Venezia: Appuntamenti con una diva

My earliest memory and first appointment with the Serenissima: as a child in the middle of the St. Mark’s Place. Surrounded by a crowd of excitedly fluttering pigeons, which I fed with childlike bliss, whilst willingly be photographed by the tourists around me. It was a late summer day and Venice exuded in idyllic tranquility.

More than 30 year later: Change of perspective. Now it’s me – searching for motives behind the lens. In this stunning town which itself is living art and culture. Which fights pertinaciously and courageously against its prophesied destruction and this ambivalence might be the reason why it takes so many people in its spell. But exactly this last phenomenon can become a real challenge…

How should one enjoy an engagement with a diva like Venice, surrounded from thousands of onlookers, imprisoned in a group which is restlessly driven forward? How to observe without stopping? How to enter in dialogue if one hardly understands the own words?

Finally, an escape around the next house corner – into a somber lane – allowed me to stop for a moment. The light became noticeably weaker and an urge to be able to call at least one motive my own grew increasingly. Suddenly my look was drawn by the picturesque reflexion of a smith-iron railed bridge in a side arm of the Canal Grande. The up and down from the leisurely lapping waves created manifold variations of the beautiful mirrored colors. I was caught and tried to explore different points of view. One step forward, two on the side, bent down … totally focused on “my” scenery which was in progress to be banned onto the sensor.

It must have looked like that my senses faded from me, but it was the slippery sludge and the alga-covered marble stairs which let me lose the ground under my feet. The unstoppable fall into the Canal took its course. It was at the end of September, the water dirty and cold, the diva had completely taken possession of me …

On the other hand caught by the restless play of the light and the metamorphosis of lifeA new appointment followed one month later. The camera: again in operation mode, the wounds: healed and all energies mobilized. I started with the motive search long before the daybreak. Clammy dampness in the almost deserted Vaporetto, only some hotel employees on their way to their morning shift. On the Canal the first traders in direction towards “il mercato”. In Venezia among Venetians. A little “parlare” and the smell of freshly blanched espresso in the nose. The scenery still mysteriously covered from the fog. The St. Mark’s Place: deserted. Festival lighting from the uppermost rows. From time to time somebody crossed the scenery. Magic moments. Inspiration for the artists soul. Dreaming beauty before the heavy rush of the day shift. Finally, I had found what I was looking for – and I enjoyed every second of my engagements as there would be no morning….

In the search for quiet and calm moments only in dialogue with art and architecture;“Enthralled from the delicately-fragile beauty of this legendary Diva;

in face of the venerable palazzi, bridges and narrow streets while their striving for eternity.

Happiness in frenzy of the senses, in the middle of the color spectacle between sky and water.

Awaking town – up from dreaming darkness – soft tones of a brilliant diva.

Masked in the fog of the lagoon with soft outlines and contours of a prominent scenery.

Creeping dawning, bursting fog, gleaming rays, luminous facades.

The world on its way through the seemingly eternal net of canals, at the feet of mirrored graces. “

brigitte schindler